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Who We Are

Our Calling:

We believe there is a profoundly unique and deeply reassuring sense of safety when women come together in a protected environment. When surrounded by individuals who have faced similar challenges and struggles, an instant sense of camaraderie and understanding is formed. Women intuitively have an unequaled ability to hold space for one another. Our mission is to facilitate an experience where each and every woman gains the strength, stability, skill and confidence needed to navigate the path to long lasting recovery. Our belief is that no woman should come to the end of her road alone and wondering what kind of daughter, sister, friend, mother might she have been had she been braver.

For Women:

Being in a single-gender environment can minimize distractions that can sometimes be present in a coed rehabilitation center. This can allow women to focus entirely on their recovery without any added dynamics of romantic or interpersonal relationships. We know that some of our clients may have a history of trauma associated with men and our primary purpose is to create a space where she will not only heal from her past but be protected from future distressing events. The all-female environment provides a sense of comfort and security, making it easier to talk openly about topics that might be too sensitive to discuss in a coed setting.

Our Mission:​

Her Harbor Recovery Center provides specialized therapies and counseling tailored to the unique issues that women face in addiction and recovery. No two women come in with the same story and we understand that each of our client’s situations will vastly vary. Each and every client’s care plan is understood and addressed by her own specific needs. By not having a one size fits all approach we are certain that we can more effectively serve each individual accurately and thoroughly.

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